Covid-19 Update

The team here at Commandery Coaches has been constantly on the look out for updates on how to improve our business in a way that will keep all our customers and staff safe. Considering recent government regulations & advise and our own risk assessment we will be operating in the way detailed below from now on and for the foreseeable future. Our new way of operating revolves around two key aims – Firstly, reducing the amount of time passengers have on the vehicles and secondly, reducing the contact all our passengers have with each other.

The new protocol:

  • All staff will be provided with appropriate PPE including, face shields, face masks, safety glasses & gloves.
  • Where possible, the first two rows behind the driver will be kept clear for driver safety.
  • Before and after journeys our vehicles will be cleaned thoroughly with special emphasis on anywhere passengers may touch such as, handrails, seat belts, arm rests etc.
  • Coaches will arrive shorty before scheduled departures.
  • Upon arrival at the pickup point the driver will alight the vehicle allowing passengers to board.
  • Passengers will be asked to ‘fill up’ from the rear. If passengers require hand sanitizer then the driver will be able to provide it.
  • In order to increase ventilation, during travel the roof vents will be left open.
  • The air-conditioning will be set to bring air into the vehicle from outside and expel the air from inside the cabin. Air filters will be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Recycling the air will not be permitted.
  • When alighting the vehicle, passengers must do so in row order starting from the front

Rules of travel:

  • We ask anyone who is symptomatic or who has been in contact with anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 not to travel.
  • Passengers are to wear face covering (in-line with current Government regulations) and any other PPE that they deem necessary
  • While loading and throughout travel passengers must keep their distance from one another. We understand that two meters will not be able to be adhered to all the time, but we do insist on keeping as much distance as possible.
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times.
  • Passengers must face forward throughout the journey, which will enable the high backed seat in front to act as a ‘screen’.

The safety of our customers and staff has always been a priority for our company but it is now more than ever. Transport will be a key instrument in our nations emergence from lock down and we are keen to do our bit in a way that puts no one at risk. These are unprecedented times that we find ourselves in and we ask that you be patient and use common sense when travelling and follow the rules of travelling outlined above. We thank you in advance.

If you have any questions about how we plan to open for business please contact the office for assistance.